White Wine Glass Pair
White Wine Glass Pair White Wine Glass Pair

GREAT FOR EVERYDAY USE: Enjoy better­tasting wine with our everyday wine glasses. Made with just the right stem length for a stable wine glass that does not topple over easily. Swish and swirl your wine without dripping. Functional bowl that has enough room for wine to breathe. The lip is thin for a more delightful wine­drinking experience!

ELEGANT BUT STURDY: Drink from a beautiful yet durable wine glass that can showcase both your reds and whites. No more fears of breaking your precious glassware! These red wine glasses are not too thick yet strong enough to stand daily washing.

MADE FROM PREMIUM CRYSTAL GLASS: Clear and smooth glass that's made from high quality, lead­free material that is dishwasher­safe for easy clean up.

FITS IN THE DISHWASHER: Our daily wine glasses have the perfect size and shape that can fit in your dishwasher without any trouble.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: These wine glasses are great but if for any reason you won't be satisfied, you may return the item for a full refund. So click the "Add to Cart" button now and enjoy a pleasurable wine drinking experience!

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